Biomass power plant


August 19

Biomass power or biomass power is generated by using biomass resources (biomass). The biomass material source through the electricity production line will transform into biomass electric currents for human life.

In nature, biomass is used to refer to all types of plants, industrial crops, algae, plants or agricultural and forestry residues such as straw, bagasse, shells, corn fiber, dry leaves, Wood chips, scrap paper, plastic scrapers … or methane from landfills, waste water treatment plants, feces from livestock and poultry farms.

Unlike electricity generated from fossil fuels such as petroleum or other coal, biomass electricity is a renewable form of energy and has large reserves, so it is considered one of the energy sources of the hybrid Vietnam is a country with a strong development of forestry and agriculture, so there is a lot of potential for biomass power. IPC cooperates technically with leading partners in the field to offer a package of EPC biomass power plants.

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